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A Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a House and Being Independent

As Beyoncé commands, “all the singles ladies, put your hands up!” Strong and confident single women have a certain flare and elegance only they can pull off. They can make their way to the top of corporate world, show off their amazing talents on stage, and teach the world a lesson or two with their words.

houseBeing a single independent woman has many perks, and research even shows that more single women are able to buy homes at an earlier age than most single men. If you are among the many women looking to take charge of your future, here’s a quick guide to buying and owning a home in Australia according to McCarthy Homes.

 Choosing the Right House to Buy

Proximity to work, style, size, and personal safety are some of the things single women should always look into when buying a residential property. It also needs to be close to establishments that provide utility repairs and installations for emergency reasons. To help single ladies even more, here are some tips on how to get started once you’ve bought a house of your own:

 The All-Important Toolkit

Better be safe than sorry. A toolkit with basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a utility knife, and measuring tape will come in handy. Make sure you get a complete toolkit before moving to your humble abode.

Like a True Lady Boss

If you really need to call for professional help, make sure you have the authority. Some contractors treat women unfairly by giving them higher quotes. Don’t fall victim to this tactic by knowing how a pro works. Experienced and good contractors are people who are skilful and deliver quality jobs at fair prices. Talk to them with authority and trust your instinct when you think someone is fooling you.

Write It Down

You’re dealing with everything independently, but remember to put it all in writing. Ask for written copies of everything, from the contracts you sign when buying the house, to the services you’ll get to improve it. Promises are good, but written agreements are the only ones that can protect you.

Embrace your independence by handling things with assurance and confidence. Buy a beautiful house in a great neighbourhood and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

On Water Heaters: Potential Dilemmas of Going Tankless

Hot ShowerTankless water heaters are also called “on-demand” heaters for a reason. Imagine: you no longer have to stock water in a huge container just to have a continuous supply of hot shower. Minus the tank, the design of this groundbreaking device is a huge space-saver. They only heat water when needed, thus they don’t use up energy unnecessarily. Although they cost more than traditional units, on-demand heaters would actually pay for themselves with how your utility cost decreases in the long run.

Yes, all these advantages are exclusive to these innovative heating devices. On the downside, they may be tankless, but not flawless. Utah-based plumbing company, Drain Surgeons explains that these units have their own share of drawbacks that require immediate attention. Not only will they not function properly, the cost of repairs could also spiral if early signs of problems are left unnoticed.

Here are some of the common issues with on-demand water heaters:

Excessive Demand

Tankless units can supply hot water 24/7, but not if the demand overloads. This is a usual predicament in big houses where hot water is needed in different areas all at once. An extremely high demand could cause the computer to break down.


Heaters produce exhaust, which has to escape out of the system completely. Failure to vent out the waste gases may result in computer malfunction. This problem is typical in complex designs and units with long venting tubes.

Mineral Buildup

Salts of calcium and manganese could accumulate because of hard water. This will clog the drain and cause premature damage to your heater. Fortunately, most units can identify the problem quickly using an indicator light.


Condensation dripping onto the unit may develop rust, which could block the gas supply. The computer system in some models is so sensitive they shut down quickly because of this issue. This is one of the most unlikely problems you might encounter with tankless heaters, but it’s a serious concern nonetheless.

Even the most advanced home fixtures are prone to wear and damage. It’s always best to contact the professionals to put a permanent fix on the problem and save you from a world of trouble.

For the Love of Food: 3 Simple Steps to Curing Meat at Home Safely

meatEverything needs to be right and organised when it comes to preparing for special events –from budget and venue to decorations and gifts. But the best way to celebrate parties is with great food. Preparing what meals to cook can be exciting and frustrating.

Birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, and even anniversaries call for impressive meals. In most parties, perhaps there’s always pasta, soup, finger foods, and a platter of cured meat. Now that there’s a party coming up, you’ve decided to focus on trying cured meat recipes.

Before you start meat curing at home, it’s important to think about safety. Here’s how to cure meat the healthy way:

Use salt

Preserve meat with salt to make it safe in a non-refrigerated environment. When done properly with the right techniques, curing meat is safe to eat. After buying meat from local butchers, you need to determine how long it needs to be on the cure. For bigger cuts, you have to stab the meat so that the salt will infuse deeper. It’s a great way to tenderise the meat.

Consider dry curing

Dry curing meat may take a few days, so you need to start early. Always use a curing salt when dry-curing meat to protect you and your family against bacteria. Don’t hang it anywhere, especially if the weather is warm as it might get mould on it. Make sure you keep them away from your kids and pets.

Know the right temperature

When air drying meat, don’t forget that there’s a certain temperature to follow. It should be high enough to cure meat properly, so bacteria won’t grow. If your home has a good curing environment, the meat will most likely have white mould. Remember that they are good mould and you can eat them. There are no health issue if you have decided to cook the meat immediately.

No one says curing meat at home is easy, but it’s a fun thing to do. You just have to enjoy the activity and don’t let stress affect you.

3 Essential Tips for Quick and Easy Property Sale

propertyThe process of property sale can be a complicated matter. Sales do not just happen in a snap. It takes quite a lot of effort to be able to find a buyer you can work with. You have to be flexible with your time and meet prospective clients’ preferences, as well. In addition, you need to prepare for the possibility that your house may be in the market for some time before you are able to sell it.

Sometimes, all it takes is sheer luck. The right buyer comes along at precisely the right time. How often does that happen though?

So what exactly do you have to do to increase the likelihood of selling quickly? Industry veteran Chase Evans gives a few pointers for quick and easy property sales.

Get help from a good agent

While selling your property without an agent can indeed save you from real estate commissions, remember that there are good reasons many people use their services. Real estate agents have the time, resources, and expertise to get the job done. You may offer an extra incentive to speed up the process.

Prepare your house

A shipshape house is more likely to sell earlier. Entice would-be buyers by readying your house and making it the kind of house that people would really want to buy. This sets your house for good photographs for top-notch brochures.

Make your house available

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you want to buy a house without first seeing it in person? Opening up your property for viewing gives potential buyers the chance to get a feel for the house’s ambiance that brochures cannot deliver.

Selling property takes a lot of work. You need a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience to get it done right. Apart from all the effort you will put in, it takes a lot of time and it will test your patience. Follow these steps and you will be able to sell your property sooner rather than later.

The Luxury Feeling: Samsung Reveals Metal-Framed Galaxy Alpha

samsungSouth Korean tech firm Samsung Electronics has launched a newly-designed Galaxy Alpha smartphone with a metal body, which will go on sale in the UK on September.

A step forward on design

The Galaxy Alpha, which runs on Android software, has a 4.7-inch screen and 12-megapixel camera.

Samsung has previously faced criticisms for its smartphones that are made of plastic materials, which is different from the other company’s devices that preferred to use “premium” materials.

As a result, the company reported a 20% decline in earnings.

Premium feel

The new Galaxy Alpha, which looks similar with iPhone, joins Samsung’s high-end product line.

Analysts believe that Samsung’s recent move highlights that it has recognized consumer dissatisfaction with plastic phone parts.

“This is a clear acknowledgement by Samsung that it needed to address some of the criticism that it faced on the Galaxy S5 and deliver a more premium feel,” said Ben Wood, chief of research at the telecoms consultancy CCS Insight. “The challenge will be marketing it without cannibalizing sales of the S5.”

Debunking Famous Water Myths

waterPeople like making stories to explain things they don’t understand. These stories are myths, and people drop most of them once a better explanation is available. Sometimes, though, myths persist even when the facts prove them wrong. In fact, there are myths about even the most ordinary and mundane things.

The world is mostly water, and it’s the source of all life on the planet. With humanity’s unlimited exposure with water, anyone would think that people already know everything there is to know about it. They’re wrong, of course, water myths persist and it’s time people learned about them.

Times Are Changing and Boiling

Boiling water is one of the first techniques people learn to purify tap water, and most assume that it automatically makes water safe to drink. Unfortunately, this isn’t completely true. Boiling water kills microorganisms living in tap water, and is more than enough to ensure its safety back in the day.

These days, however, microorganisms are the last thing people should worry about. Those who drink tap water regularly are more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals from corroded water pipes. Boiling water causes some of it to evaporate, concentrating the contaminants, and raising risks for the drinker.

No Minerals, No Problems

A myth that never seems to know it’s supposed to die is one that states people who drink purified water aren’t getting the minerals they need. If this were true, then neither are tap drinkers. says the gap between purified water and the tap is negligible. Whatever minerals people think they get from tap water has no nutritional value at all.

Ninety-nine percent of the body’s mineral needs come from food, and water contributes less than one percent. Pure water keeps the body healthy, and doesn’t “flush” vitamins and minerals from the body. The kidneys and liver are there for a reason.

Melbourne’s the Best

There’s a myth unique to Victoria that says there’s no need to filter Melbourne’s waters because it’s the best in the world. While anybody will readily admit that Melbourne’s catchment system is at the top of world standards, it’s still exposed to many contaminants. People need to remember that water still needs to travel from the catchment area to get to their taps, and many nasty things can get in during that journey.

There are many things people still don’t know, or think they know about water. A good rule of thumb is talking to an expert before doing anything. Don’t believe everything that’s repeated around the water cooler.