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The Accounting Path to Finding Self Worth

Finding self-worth is one of the greatest personal quests every person needs to take to find fulfilment in their lives. Some find it through personal success, others gain it by achieving a life goal. Then, there are the lucky few who hire accountants to find it out for them.

accounting billingThis handy trick to inner peace is business valuation. The method allows people to find out what their value is to a company. After all, nothing spells confidence better than a numeric value that represents how important you are in a group of people.

Hiring the services of a Sydney business valuer may probably offer the quickest route to self-worth any one will ever take or a massive crushing disappointment, depending on their initial perspective. If it is any consolation, a business valuation serves as a baseline that can help people find out their initial value, and help them get better through time.

The first rule of business valuation is to never do it on yourself. It is the same as asking someone how they think they are on a scale of one to ten. There is going to be a fair number oftens sprinkled in the responses. There is just no way to be perfectly honest in self-valuation; what is the point if they cannot get real results?

Hire an accountant, as they deliver the most accurate results anyone can hope for.Accountants have a variety of methods at their disposal to evaluate a person’s worth, but there are three common procedures that do not need much explanation.These three methods are based off the three most reliable factors of determining a person’s financial stability: assets, earnings, and market value. Each method is easy to understand. The asset based approach looks at what the person has in the company and compares it to what everyone else has.

The earning based approach lies in the assumption that all businesses exist to make money, and anchor value in the potential earning capacity of the company, and the person’s role in it. Finally, the market value approach looks at the value of a company and compares it with the value of other companies.

Through these methods, people can easily how much they are worth to the world compared to other people. Whether they like the results or not is unimportant, as long as they have the answers they are looking for, and that is all that matters.

The Not So Lazy Sunday

Turn your lazy Sunday into a productive day, even if it has been a stressful week in the office or school. It is the best day to catch up with your family and friends. Go on a picnic with your family, take a short trip with friends or dine out with your special someone in places that offers spectacular views.

sandwichThe food in renowned places like The Full Moon Hotel is as good as it gets when you want to spend a lot of quality time. If you want to be with everyone at the same time yet you do not have enough money, hold a simple celebration and serve tasty finger food. It is a great time for everyone to get to know each other as well.

Here are some great ideas for your gathering at home or in a fancy dining place:

Peach and cheese bites

Bake mini-muffin cups and fill it with cheese, fruit spread and almonds. You can add a number of other flavour combinations if you want.

Asparagus with dip

Asparagus is healthy and delicious. Give it an extra kick by serving it with dips like curry, horseradish or hot sauce.

Bacon wrapped potatoes

Wrap each bacon piece around a potato and lock using a toothpick. Bake it until bacon is crunchy and potatoes are tender when pierce with a knife.

Fried Mozzarella

Fry mozzarella balls in a mixture of bread crumbs and dried thyme to create a crowd-pleasing dish. Serve it with tomato sauce and you are sure to have food that guests cannot resist.

Deviled egg

Cut hard-boiled eggs in half and roll it in mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, shallot and hot sauce. Refrigerate it for a few hours. It is a sinfully yummy.

Nutella fairy bread

It is easy to make and great for many occasions where there are hungry kids. Spread Nutella in each bread and sprinkle sweet sugar.

Choco dipped strawberry

Wash strawberries and dry it. Melt chocolate in microwave, then dip it. Place it on non-stick baking paper until chocolate sets.

Not everyone is talented in cooking so if you have enough money, it is best to dine out with the people you love. You do a lot of work on weekdays, so it is better to let someone else serve you. It is easier to enjoy if you do not have to worry about the mess they will leave.

The Biggest Challenge: Experts say 30,000 People Need Ebola Treatment

E Bola OutbreakIf the cure for Ebola were available, Oxford University epidemiologist Oliver Brady says up to 30,000 infected people would need drugs to fight the epidemic.

Demand for Medicine

The World Health Organization recently allowed the use of an experimental drug, known as ZMapp, but there are no enough supplies to treat all those infected.

A report in the journal Nature says, “tens of thousands of doses of experimental drugs are needed to fight” the deadly virus in the West African countries.

Citing available data, Brady and two of his colleagues estimated how many people need a cure to beat the virus.

They explained that the number of people who need treatment is likely higher than many believe.

Treatment is Key

So far, there is no proven treatment or vaccine for Ebola.

Medical experts claim that the answer to halt and prevent Ebola outbreak is to develop treatment for everyone.

In his opinion piece, Brady wants to urge governments, research bodies, and drugs manufacturers to come up with solutions that would help stop the largest outbreak in history.

Home: A Place You Can Call Your Own

When you own a home, you can finally take pride that something significant is yours. You can invite guests for parties because there is always room for more. Decorate the house and change it the way you want anytime.

houseRenting is abiding by the rules set by the owner. When you pay your rent each month, you pay for your proprietor because it probably goes to their mortgage company. To make it short, your proprietor owns the home that you are living in currently.
There are many advantages to buying a home, such as:

You are free

When you own a home, you have the freedom to do pretty much anything. You want an additional room? Go ahead and add one. You want to hang some pictures on your wall? Feel free to do so. You want to invite friends for a sleepover? No problem at all. Owning a home is enjoying independence.

No proprietor

Having to deal with a property owner means you have to get the approval of that person before you can make any decisions regarding the house. You can do everything without consulting everything to the property owner first if you have a home. Even economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff once said, “It is important for older people to be in a home that they own as security against a landlord.”

You can choose your location

There are still many areas with no apartments and sometimes when you find the right place, there is no room for another occupant. Looking for a place where you can construct your dream home is a lot easier because you can easily find land for sale packages in Cranbourne. It can be constructed according to your specification to suit your taste and budget.

More savings

You can save a lot of money if you own a house. You are free from monthly rental fees and spend your extra money for shopping and dinner with your family.

Home is more than just a place to relax, it is an achievement that you have to be proud of. Buying is not for everyone, but it is a sound idea.

A Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a House and Being Independent

As Beyoncé commands, “all the singles ladies, put your hands up!” Strong and confident single women have a certain flare and elegance only they can pull off. They can make their way to the top of corporate world, show off their amazing talents on stage, and teach the world a lesson or two with their words.

houseBeing a single independent woman has many perks, and research even shows that more single women are able to buy homes at an earlier age than most single men. If you are among the many women looking to take charge of your future, here’s a quick guide to buying and owning a home in Australia according to McCarthy Homes.

 Choosing the Right House to Buy

Proximity to work, style, size, and personal safety are some of the things single women should always look into when buying a residential property. It also needs to be close to establishments that provide utility repairs and installations for emergency reasons. To help single ladies even more, here are some tips on how to get started once you’ve bought a house of your own:

 The All-Important Toolkit

Better be safe than sorry. A toolkit with basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a utility knife, and measuring tape will come in handy. Make sure you get a complete toolkit before moving to your humble abode.

Like a True Lady Boss

If you really need to call for professional help, make sure you have the authority. Some contractors treat women unfairly by giving them higher quotes. Don’t fall victim to this tactic by knowing how a pro works. Experienced and good contractors are people who are skilful and deliver quality jobs at fair prices. Talk to them with authority and trust your instinct when you think someone is fooling you.

Write It Down

You’re dealing with everything independently, but remember to put it all in writing. Ask for written copies of everything, from the contracts you sign when buying the house, to the services you’ll get to improve it. Promises are good, but written agreements are the only ones that can protect you.

Embrace your independence by handling things with assurance and confidence. Buy a beautiful house in a great neighbourhood and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

On Water Heaters: Potential Dilemmas of Going Tankless

Hot ShowerTankless water heaters are also called “on-demand” heaters for a reason. Imagine: you no longer have to stock water in a huge container just to have a continuous supply of hot shower. Minus the tank, the design of this groundbreaking device is a huge space-saver. They only heat water when needed, thus they don’t use up energy unnecessarily. Although they cost more than traditional units, on-demand heaters would actually pay for themselves with how your utility cost decreases in the long run.

Yes, all these advantages are exclusive to these innovative heating devices. On the downside, they may be tankless, but not flawless. Utah-based plumbing company, Drain Surgeons explains that these units have their own share of drawbacks that require immediate attention. Not only will they not function properly, the cost of repairs could also spiral if early signs of problems are left unnoticed.

Here are some of the common issues with on-demand water heaters:

Excessive Demand

Tankless units can supply hot water 24/7, but not if the demand overloads. This is a usual predicament in big houses where hot water is needed in different areas all at once. An extremely high demand could cause the computer to break down.


Heaters produce exhaust, which has to escape out of the system completely. Failure to vent out the waste gases may result in computer malfunction. This problem is typical in complex designs and units with long venting tubes.

Mineral Buildup

Salts of calcium and manganese could accumulate because of hard water. This will clog the drain and cause premature damage to your heater. Fortunately, most units can identify the problem quickly using an indicator light.


Condensation dripping onto the unit may develop rust, which could block the gas supply. The computer system in some models is so sensitive they shut down quickly because of this issue. This is one of the most unlikely problems you might encounter with tankless heaters, but it’s a serious concern nonetheless.

Even the most advanced home fixtures are prone to wear and damage. It’s always best to contact the professionals to put a permanent fix on the problem and save you from a world of trouble.