3 Fun-filled Father-and-Son Activities that Teach Manliness

JoggingThe formative years of a child provide the best opportunities for you as a father to bond with your son. Instead of doing things purely to have fun, however, why not engage in activities that teach him important lessons about true manliness?

Win and Lose Together

Athleticism does not define manhood. It does, however, teach boys to be a good sport and to take risks. Colorado offers plenty of recreational centers that could hone their sportsmanship. For example, rafting the Arkansas River serves as a good experience for them to follow instructions, be comfortable with water, and not be afraid to express dependence on others. Regular friendly competitions could even give you the chance to talk to them about winning, losing, and the value of good effort.

Volunteer Together

The “quiet strength” of manhood revolves around a man’s ability to put others before himself. In a world brimming with influences that encourage selfishness, fathers can spare their sons from this wrong mindset by doing volunteer work with them. Participating in one-time commitment projects or long-term ones encourages them to be more compassionate to others. It also improves their appreciation for the material things and relationships that they have. Exposure to community activities and the need of others at a young age makes them more likely to continue lending others a hand once they reach adulthood.

Read Everywhere

Reading benefits all areas of a person’s life. Some boys expend all their energies in playing video games and sports that they lose interest in even skimming through books. If fathers set a good example by spending time with them at a diner or the local library reading books, their perception of reading changes. They realize that adult men also pause from weightlifting to exercise their mental prowess; hence, breaking the stereotype that cool men only hang out in sports centers and gyms. Helping them develop the habit of reading also reduces the chances of poor studying habits.

Good fathers lecture their sons about manhood. The best fathers, however, invest time and energy into redefining this notion to their sons and shaping them to become a true man.