Back to Basics: Advertising Through Traditional Print Media

Despite the increasing popularity of digital marketing, traditional print media companies can still provide unique and effective ways of promoting products better. As a business owner in the Internet age, you would want to supplement your online advertising efforts with traditional marketing promotions like print media. These allow you to add variety and a more human experience. Find out about the products you can use to boost your marketing efforts before hiring a professional marketing company.

Business Cards

Printing companies supply custom-printed business containing information about you and your business. They can provide well-designed business cards with the right combination of simplicity, balance, colour, and contrast. They can also provide you with design tools that let you create your own card design from scratch. You can also upload your own print-ready files and have them printed as business cards. Printing companies can check and proof your designs, whether you design your own cards or upload a print-ready file.


Printing companies can offer brochures with flexible size and fold options that fit your business perfectly. They can provide high quality brochure designs in different sizes. There are also mini brochures or custom-sized brochures, designed to set you apart from other businesses. They also provide high quality brochures with different fold options. These include bi-fold, z-fold letter-fold or a roll fold.

DVD Covers

Look for trusted shops that offer personalised DVD presentation cases designed with your company logo or brand. This can help you promote your business further. Some companies also collaborate with reliable manufacturers to provide personalised Amaray DVD cases with covers.

Though digital is the way to go to succeed in today’s Internet-driven world, there are still a few things that advertisers can learn and get from print media. Contact a company that provides Amaray cases for DVDs and other media supplies to promote your business the traditional way.