Germany’s First Black Lawmaker

According to official election results,an actor and a chemist Karamba Diaby, have become Germany’s first black federal legislators.

lawyerFirst black member of parliament

Migration Media Service, a group that provides facts and figures on Germany’s immigration, said they were among 34 lawmakers with immigrant backgrounds to win seats in the election, higher from 21 in the past term.

Although almost one in five of Germany’s 80 million total population are immigrants, only a few have made it into the federal legislature.

Until now, there were no black legislators in Parliament, despite over 500,000 people of recent African descent believed to be living in Germany.

People and politics

Karamba Diaby, a 51-year-old chemist, said his priority would be to promote equal opportunities in education.

The other black lawmaker was Charles M. Huber, a 56-year-old actor born in Munich. Huber is a member of a Chancellor which won the election with 41.5% vote.

Merkel’s party also now has its first Muslim legislator in the Bundestag, Cemile Giousouf. The 35-year-old was elected in the western city of Hagen and born in Germany to Turkish immigrant parents.

Several legislators of Turkish origin have previously been elected to the lower house, but most were with the Social Democratic Party.