Their Loyalty at Stake: How to Reward Your Online Patrons through Games

online marketingGamification is the name of the game in the world of customer engagement. Through fun and exciting activities, marketers help customers engage with the brand and strengthen their relationship with it. But, what makes gamification a sure-fire way to grow your business? The answer: rewards.

Rewarding, in human psychology, entails reinforcements. It’s one of the methods in conditioning a subject to adopt positive and acceptable behaviour. In the context of marketing, the reward system helps increase customer loyalty; you condition your patrons to continue associating themselves with your brand. This, in turn, yields bigger earnings and encourages fans to spread the word about your business.

Below are three tips on how you can use games and reward systems to promote your business:

Stick to Stickers, Badges and Anything in Between

Online marketing services specialists, such as, recommend the use of stickers and badges as part of a marketer’s gaming system. Use this method to encourage customers to collect virtual stickers or coupons, which they will get in every purchase they make. Come up with a pointing system, which will guide your customers on the prizes they will get depending on the number of coupons they collect.

Use Hashtags

Initiate a hashtag campaign in which you will encourage your customers to include a hashtag of your brand in their status messages. For instance, when starting a campaign where you ask your customers to share their experience with your product or service, remind them to include the hashtag bearing your brand in their statements. Pick a lucky winner at the end of the campaign by looking at the best status messages.

Challenge Them

Challenge the wits of your customers by coming up with tests and games. Look at how Lay’s has done it with their Do Us a Flavour campaign. The snack brand has come up with a challenge, in which they ask their customers to submit ideas for a new potato chip flavour. The winning flavour wins $1,000,000 while runners-up will win $50,000.

Games and rewards are a brilliant way to attract customers. When initiating such activities, don’t just make profits and popularity a motivating factor. Focus on the relationship your brand will form with the customers.