Make a Marketing Splash with Social Media

smartphone installed with social media platformsFor small businesses to promote their brand effectively, it’s important to have a carefully thought out social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can do so much to help small enterprises reach their target audience.

Read on to know how small businesses can benefit from social media.

Enables Direct Marketing Interaction

In a survey conducted by Social Media Today, 83% of consumers prefer Facebook to connect to brands, while 53% of customers choose Twitter. This clearly shows why social media marketing is the best strategy for small businesses to promote their brand. For this reason, it’s important to hire a search engine optimisation service in to help you monitor and manage your media platforms. SEO companies are experts in getting the pulse of your market. They can help you create effective social strategies that compel current and potential customers to take action. Social media platforms allow for easier interaction with customers.

You can also the SEO firm in Sydney you work with to create content for your site. Most have a roster of talented writers that can write produce all sorts of relevant content. They can also help you correct local data like business listings and enhance your social media profile.

Generates More Sales

Effective social media marketing can generate inbound leads for your business. A study by Hubspot shows that social media creates double the leads of most other marketing methods. An SEO company can help you start Twitter Chats by using hashtags so that other users can follow the conversation. You can also generate leads from the right audience though Facebook advertising.

Helps You Save Money

Social media not only gives your company more exposure; it also helps you save money. By using different media platforms, you don’t need to spend on expensive advertising to promote your brand. Social media channels are free, available on the web 24/7, and offer unlimited reach.

In an increasingly connected world, it’s important to take advantage of these social media platforms to promote your business. Be a social mentor. Capitalise on the opportunity to socialise with your audience by providing key information about your business.