Smart Farming: Ways to Optimise Your Effluent Management

FarmAs an effluent irrigation system specialist said, good effluent management is a combination of two things: a well-designed effluent system and optimised processes for farmers that make sure the effluent system collection is applied to pasture in the right amount at the right time.

Good effluent management reward farmers with big savings on fertilisers, improvement in soil conditions, healthy animals and reduced livestock mortality due to diseases, and full compliance to the council rules and resource consent. Overall, it makes your farm operations smooth, lucrative and legally compliant.

Your effluent irrigation system management requires many things to deliver great results consistently. Here are some of them:


A good tank in effluent systems is necessary if you want to make the system work for you. Burford Concrete Tanks recommends using concrete tanks that passes the standards for water and waste storage. The material used for the system is important, as weak plasters will deteriorate over time while prime ones will give you optimal results.


Farmers can now have a good app to help them compute for effluent spreading. A dairy effluent spreading calculator can help farmers easily calculate nutrient loadings and application rates for dairy effluent based on a number of customisable inputs.


Research shows that 100 cows will produce approximately 590 kg of nitrogen per year. With so much fertilising resources on hand, the question now is how to spread these on the paddocks efficiently. An efficient effluent contractor is designed to treat waste water without consuming too much energy or taking too many man hours. Your water-efficient wash down technique should complete your job without staying on it for a long time.

You know that your effluent system is working optimally if it gives you all the benefits above without sacrificing more than 50 per cent of your productive time just doing the labour, and if it saves you money. So find time to assess your effluent management system and optimise it.