Social Media Tactics: Gaining More Followers on Twitter

man using a laptopSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts used to focus only on keywords, on-page optimisation, and other strategies to improve a client’s search rankings and online visibility. With the undeniable popularity of social media today, however, things have changed. Search engine optimisation in Birmingham, Stratford, or elsewhere can improve online marketing efforts with the help of social networking sites.

If you’re on Twitter, for instance, you can use these tactics to gain more followers and improve exposure on social media:

Follow, Follow Back

Use Twitter’s search box and find users posting about a specific topic. Follow them and reply to their tweets, they’ll definitely be curious about who you are. There’s also a possibility that they’ll follow back. Take note of your mentions and new followers, too. Many people mention brands when they’re satisfied about a product or service, which means good publicity for your business.

Specific Keywords

Posting a tweet with specific keywords and hashtags give you more visibility. It doesn’t just narrow down user searches, but also helps you find the right audience as well. Twitter users are everywhere, and they post just about anything. If you grab their attention, they’ll most likely check out your profile and follow your account if your products and services are something of interest.

Target Location

Twitter is a global social media platform, so you need to focus on a specific locale. Include your location in the description and if possible, in your display name and username as well. Many users look for businesses near their area and follow those that are interesting to them. Twitter might also include your account in the suggested users, according to a user’s following list and search history.

While public accounts are accessible to anyone, you’ll need people to spread the word. This is why getting new followers can improve your online marketing efforts. Look for a reliable search engine optimisation (SEO) company to help manage your Twitter and other social media accounts.