Sony Seeks ‘ Smartwig ’ Patent

Sony has filed a U.S. patent for “SmartWig,” as companies race for the lead in the wearable technology industry seen as a key growth area.

Patent protection

sonySmartWig is packed with sensors and special systems that vibrate on the user’s head to send them messages.

Sony claims it can be worn “in addition to natural hair,” and will be able to process data and communicate through wireless connections with other external gadgets.

The tech company indicated several potential uses of the SmartWig in its filing.

According to the filing, SmartWig hairpieces could help navigate roads and check the users’ blood pressure.

Key growth area

The development of wearable devices is expanding as consumers seek new ways to integrate computers into daily activities.

Google and Samsung are among the companies that have produced devices in the wearable technology sector.

Frost & Sullivan analyst explained that “wearable gadgets are definitely going to be one of the big areas of growth over the next two years.”