China Trips To Taiwan Rises To Record 2.85 Million

Taiwan said a record 2.85 million Chinese visited the island in 2013, which is higher by 10% from a year earlier.

Taiwan’s tourism efforts

China TripsCoordinated efforts between the public and private sectors have boosted tourism to the island, with the number of incoming tourists hitting a new high in 2013, thanks mostly to arrivals from China.

According to government data, the number of solo Chinese visitors increased by 174% to 522,000 people compared with 191,000 in 2012.

The record tourist visits in the country is a sign of the increasingly warm ties between China and Taiwan.

Impact of package tours

Trips to Taiwan, however, slightly fell after Beijing implemented a tourism law.

Officials said group arrivals declined by 4.6% after China’s capital outlawed forced shopping trips prompting companies to increase the cost of package tours.

China enacted the law to try and stamp out the unpopular industry practice of taking tour groups on trips.