Here Are Fun Couple Activities in Chicago

Couple hugging each otherThere’s nothing quite like adventures together to make a relationship stronger. If you’re looking for activities that you and your SO can enjoy in Chicago, you might want to check these out:

1. Enjoy the snow with Sports.

Burn off the calories even as you enjoy yourself with snowboarding weather in the peaks of Chicago. You’ll find an excellent snowboarding resort near Chicago where you and your SO can practice on the slides and cap off the day with some hot chocolate in front of the fire.

What can be more romantic than that?

2. View the skyline from a rooftop.

You should never underestimate the romantic allure of a rooftop bar as you and your SO view the city from one of the tallest buildings in Chicago.

From where you’re sitting, the sky seems so close while everyone else looks like ants. Combine that with champagne, and you’ve got a memorable setting you can talk about for years to come.

3. Visit the Botanic Garden.

There’s something about seeing rows and rows of flowers to bring out the romance in many couples. The Chicago Botanic Garden is just the place for you. Covering nearly 400 acres of land containing and 27 gardens, this walk through a field of flowers is worth a thousand Instagram photos in one visit.

4. Check out Skydeck Chicago.

If you and your SO are the daring sort, you might want to visit the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, where you can literally stand on glass for an unobstructed view of what’s below. Beware — this is not for the fainthearted.

5. Go to 360 Chicago’s TILT.

If your heart didn’t give out with Skydeck Chicago, you could then proceed to 360 Chicago’s TILT — which tilts you over the edge so that there’s this sense of falling off the 94th floor of the building.

Of course, those are just some recommendations you might want to consider. Remember: what’s important is that it’s an activity you’d both enjoy.