Why Visit Singapore This 2015

Singapore SkylineOver the years, the proud Singaporeans witnessed the remarkable transformation in the Lion City’s tourism landscape and achieved record growth in both visitor arrivals and tourism receipts. Since 2004, its tourism industry and visitor arrivals more than doubled. But what brings the prosperity?

Marriage of Tradition and Modernity

A bridge between East and the West since the early days, Singapore embraces tradition and modernity – a marriage of binaries in many aspects – a feat not all nations can pull off. Colourful ethnic sanctuaries among business centres, and serene gardens set against sleek skyscrapers; Singapore is a fascinating destination for leisure and business travellers.

It has long been known that Singapore is making leaps and bounds when it comes to tourism. Among the many improvements to see are renovations of famous landmarks in the country, these two are bound to impress the international community in the coming years.

A New & Vibrant Orchard Road

The government is planning and rolling measures to ensure Singapore remains a vibrant tourism destination. The Singapore Tourism Board is bound to conduct exercises to study consumer insights and understand key challenges, develop a common vision and new ideas to reinvent the shopping district of the city. Singapore will reclaim its throne as the shopping central in Asia and enliven the vibrant consumerism that raised its economy.

Rejuvenation of Sentosa Island

Merlion.Sentosa.com.sg cites that Sentosa Island is being pushed as a tropical island resort. Among the destinations in the island is the mythical Merlion that contains one of the most iconic replicas of the city’s symbol. It is also the only Merlion open for exploration.

Sentosa is further being primed to meet the tourism demands of the region with the construction of international hotel franchises. Today, Sentosa enjoys loads of visitors largely from Indonesia and other neighbouring Asian countries.

Singapore continues to cook strategies that will boost tourism in the city state. With the rate of improvement allotted for the tourism industry, there is no doubt that Singapore will continue to achieve greater heights.