Corporate Print Material: How to Do It Right

reliable graphic designDespite the power of social media, print advertising is still among the most effective ways to promote your business. Whether it’s a brochure or booklet, distributing a printed copy to your customers and potential clients gives them a chance to read it anytime and anywhere. Other than planning what you should put on the print materials, you should also know how to do it.

Make Good Use of Design Elements

If a visual is appealing enough, even people who don’t have an idea about your business might just pick up your materials. Then they’ll most likely browse through a few pages to see what’s inside. A simple yet remarkable graphic design can better represent your brand, changing how others will see your products and services.

Use a Catchy Headline

Many people think that company profiles are boring because they’re all the same; every single word is about the company’s history, achievements, and products. This makes readers flip only a few pages and ignore the rest because they don’t spark their interest. Grab their attention by using a catchy headline, whether stating an unusual fact or a question. This will keep them interested and read further.

Talk More About Your Audience

Not all everyone interested in what you have to say. In fact, they’re more interested on what’s in it for them. Write something that’ll engage your audience instead of listing down the usual content, which might even confuse them. For instance, create a scenario with your client as the main character. Afterwards, state a problem and show what your business can do about it. It’s ideal to give them a reason to browse through the entire print material and keep it with them.

Print materials can be as effective as other types of advertising. All you have to do is know how you can do it right. Find an expert in graphic design, copywriting, and other services that will help you create an effective brochure or booklet.