Moving to Cities That Offer Relocation Incentives

couple done packing and ready to move outMoving and job relocation are common occurrences. When people get a new job offer in another state or country, they are also provided with a relocation allowance. This amount goes to the costs of moving to the city where their job is located.

These people usually hire van lines moving companies when they have many things to bring to their new home. Otherwise, these items would just be sold prior to moving. Some cities provide incentives to new graduates to relocate and work there. These places have different reasons for their incentives and one of them is to attract new talent.

Incentivized Relocation

In their quest to hire new talents in engineering, science, and technology, several cities have offered rewards to professionals who will relocate and work for companies in the area. Hamilton, Ohio, for example, has a relocation program that will pay up to $5,000 towards outstanding student loans. Additionally, Hamilton offers $17,500 to repay student loans for teachers to teach in low-income schools. They will have to finish five consecutive academic years.

The North Platte, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce offers up to $10,000 for those willing to relocate and work there. The new hires must remain with their companies for at least three years. Detroit, Michigan has the Challenge Detroit program, which offers up to $36,000 for the first year. The program chooses 30 fellows to work with local companies for the duration of the 12-month long program.

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas has a different incentive. New residents’ income taxes are waived for up to five years. Other towns such as Colbe, Oberlin, Eureka, and Stockton offer income tax waivers with an additional $15,000 for student loan repayments.

Free Lots

Marne, Iowa has a different program. It has a free-lots program where new hires are given a free lot to build a house in. It is interesting that Iowa has a very low unemployment rate of 2.8%. Starting 2019, remote workers who move to Burlington, Vermont could receive up to $10,000 over two years. This serves as a relocation cost and covers computer hardware and software costs, internet connection, and membership to co-working spaces. The program is a statewide incentive to encourage more professionals to move to Vermont.

Relocation is not a simple task, but with the right incentives, it could be worth it to move to a more promising location.