The Rise of Customer Service Marketing in Social Media

The past three years saw the emergence of social media as one of the biggest platforms used in digital marketing. It has become an indispensable tool because it makes everything from content distribution to reputation management that much easier for brands and businesses of all sizes. It’s for these reasons that more businesses are putting a premium on powerful social media campaigns. The thing is, simple and basic interaction with customers on these channels is not enough. Support is an all too important aspect of engagement in social media that you cannot overlook.

While marketing, advertising, and boosting revenues are primary objectives when establishing a presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, these should never be the end goals. It’s never enough to simply engage in conversation or sustain already loyal clients; social media should also be an avenue for guaranteeing customer satisfaction, providing the highest level of support possible, and ensuring the delivery of quality services – three major factors of proper customer service marketing.

Digital marketing and SEO experts agree that customer service and social media marketing are two efforts that go hand-in-hand. Social platforms are the ideal partner for the former because of its wide scope and various other reasons. The following is a quick look at what gave rise to the strong connection between the two.

Real Time Solutions

Whether through their desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone, the fact is that the majority of people across the globe are connected to their social accounts almost 24/7. Given that this is the case, consumers expect the same with the brands they follow. Today’s customers are a lot more demanding and want real-time and instant solutions. Social media allows brands to deliver just that – whether it’s through a direct message or 140-character tweet on Twitter or a timeline correspondence on Facebook. Dedicated customer service on these channels allows you to get back to your audience almost instantly. Even if you don’t have answers immediately upon receiving the inquiry, you can always acknowledge their query or request and get back to them at the soonest possible time.

Addressing the Bigger Picture and Zooming In As Well

Social media channels are great for customer service marketing because discussions with a general audience allow you to hear of individual concerns. You can deal with such issues privately and give your customers more private insights and other solutions. Whatever the case – both parties get something out of it; customers get to voice out their concerns, and with due diligence, you can help with whatever problems your client base is facing.

Outstanding Customer Service Begets Rewards

One of the best (and sometimes, worst) things about social media is the fact that posts are visible to anyone looking at your feed or timeline. When dismayed customers post on your wall, you can turn the situation around by being diligent and exerting extra effort to show you care. If customers are satisfied, they become unofficial ambassadors promoting your brand for all the world to see. This is something that helps sustain traffic. More importantly, it becomes a trusted and reliable source of exactly what your brand can do and has to offer.

The link between social media and customer service marketing is undeniable. Invest in industry-leading and expert marketing SEO services to start reaping the rewards of such a strategy. Successful integration of the two is only possible through a true commitment to quality service on your end, coupled with assistance from an agency that provides only the best solutions.