A Regular Check with the Dentist Can Save People from Gum Disease

A dentist doing a routinary checkup on her patientPeople hoping to keep a good-looking, healthy smile must remember to have regular dental check-ups. Research shows that large proportion of the population suffers with gum disease, 75 percent. Gum disease is simple to prevent when people are aware of how to clean their teeth properly and when to seek medical intervention or advice. Knowing the symptoms and early warning signs of gum disease is vital. A dentist in W1 will be able to spot any signs of gum disease and administer effective treatment. They can also answer any concerns people have or offer advice and information about preventing gum disease.

Recognising gum disease

Anyone who is concerned about their gums should make an appointment with a dentist in W1 as soon as possible for a comprehensive dental check. There are many options to choose from, and for people looking for a new dental practice in W1, practices such as Harley Street Dental Clinic are a good place to start.

So what are the symptoms other than bleeding gums? There are different symptoms, some that may not be immediately obvious and others that are.

Low energy levels

As with any infection, gum disease puts the immune system under pressure. It is common for people to feel lethargic, and drained when they have gum disease. Fix the gum disease and energy levels will come back to normal levels.

Bad breath

Gum disease starts with a build up of bacteria, usually in hard to clean areas of the mouth. Understandably, these bacteria do not smell nice. If left untreated these areas will develop pockets of pus, which not only smell bad but also taste bad. A professional clean from a W1 dentist in London along with a course of antibiotics will effectively treat most cases.

Weak teeth or tooth loss

In the advanced phases of gum disease, teeth become weakened and eventually fall out. The most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease.

For anyone who believes they have symptoms of gum disease, it is important to visit a W1 dentist as a matter of urgency. The quicker the problem is treated, the sooner it can be fixed, hopefully preventing permanent damage.