How Aricept Can Help Your Loved One Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s DiseaseAricept, generic name Donezepil, is used for treating dementia, which is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to remember that while Aricept can’t cure Alzheimer’s, it can enhance memory, general awareness, and overall functionality. Aricept is an enzyme blocker that restores the neurotransmitters’ balance in the brain.

Healthy Brain vs. Alzheimer’s Brain

In a person with a healthy brain, the chemical acetylcholine aids messages from jumping to nerve to nerve. Acetylcholinesterase, another chemical, lowers acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine helps in maintaining a healthy brain function that affects thinking, memory, awareness, and sound judgment.

On the other hand, the brain of an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has less acetylcholine. Medical experts believe that this is among the most common contributing factors of Alzheimer’s symptoms, such as a decline in doing daily tasks and diminished mental capacity.

Aricept and Alzheimer’s Disease

Aricept was developed to aid those suffering from Alzheimer’s by increasing their brain’s acetylcholine levels by significantly slowing down the actions of acetylcholinesterase. As the disease advances, the brain’s acetylcholine levels also continue to decrease.

Although it is widely believed that a higher dosage of Aricept is required for increasing levels of acetylcholine in the brain until such time that patients experience positive outcomes, it doesn’t work the same way for all patients. They may get better in some ways or stay exactly the same; some can get worse slower or faster, while others do not exhibit signs of getting better at all.

Crucial Things to Know

Aricept is best used by patients with moderate to severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Again, it must be noted that Aricept can only treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s and not cure it completely. says for those who ordered Aricept and responded positively, keep in mind that it may still take a couple of weeks or longer to feel its full effect.

All patients, regardless of their response to the drug, will inevitably get worse as time passes.