The Megawatt Smile: The Secret to Being Timelessly Attractive

beautiful smileSome women are constantly trying to find out how to attract the opposite sex. Many assume that it takes great legs or long blonde hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows or strong cheekbones to score a hot date. This, however, is not the case. Apparently, the secret to being timelessly attractive is just right under your nose. Literally.

The secret is your smile.

Surveys say that the first and most important thing British men notice in women is their teeth. Participants consider the pearly whites more valuable than the woman’s hair and clothes. Other studies reinforce these claims and add that a nice smile is among the top features British men want in a life partner.

A Timeless Smile

Surveys show that more people agree that a smile is one of the most attractive features of a person, regardless of age. Brits are especially obsessed with the idea of a bright white smile. Research experts say that participants see people with a beaming white smile as more attractive and five years younger. On the other side, bad breath and yellow teeth are major turn offs. This is probably why more Brits are investing in orthodontic procedures and cosmetic dentistry; Bromley dentists say that almost 75% of Brits are seeking whitening treatments, with more patients asking if they can achieve what is called a Hollywood smile.

Achieving the Perfect Pearly Whites

More people across the country are realising the importance of whiter teeth, but dental practitioners and research experts say that majority of Brits are still bad, lazy brushers. Research shows that only 25% of Brits clean their teeth properly. Dental practitioners are urging the public to not just get instant white teeth transformation, but also practice consistent dental care habits: proper brushing of teeth, regular flossing, using mouthwash, quitting smoking and paying the dentist a regular visit.

Be timelessly attractive by achieving that megawatt smile. Consult your dentist for treatments you can get to perfect your smile.