The Real 20-Minute Goal

bodybuildingEveryone wants to get a fitter and healthier body, but very few people actually have the time to exercise, or the fortitude to stick to a diet. These reasons may sound trivial to people who can conform to a meal plan or go to the gym regularly, but they are common concerns nonetheless. Fortunately, there may be an answer in a quickly rising trend – the 20-minute workout.

The idea of squeezing more intense exercises in shorter periods to save on time isn’t a new idea; many people are actually very open to giving it a shot. There are even programs like Strength Studio that specialize in doing them. But there are concerns that this method could cause undue strain on the body. Injuries from intense workouts do happen, but only if the person in charge has no idea what they’re doing.

What High-Octane Means

First, many people are actually wrong about what they should be accomplishing with the 20-minute workout. The common idea is that the workout speeds everything up so that people can see results faster, whether its bodybuilding or weight loss. The actual goal of a 20-minute workout is to improve just one thing about the body – metabolism.

The quick spurts of activity shock the body into burning more of its energy stores, forcing it to expect to run into the same thing every day. It’s the biochemical version of bodybuilding, but this affects the entire body, and is less dangerous to the structural elements of the body. The faster the metabolism, the sooner people will notice their bodies changing, and encourage them to keep exercising.

Switching It Up

Enjoying the full effect of the 20-minute workout isn’t as simple as just exercising for around a quarter of an hour, though. Manipulating metabolism is more complex than most exercise routines, because it works best without a routine. People need to constantly change what they’re doing to keep the body alert and burning.

Some people can probably craft a working program for themselves, but if everyone had that kind of time nobody would need a 20-minute workout in the first place. Talk to people who know their stuff, and try to stick to what they suggest for as long as possible.