Three Shocking Causes of Bed Bug Infestation

A Bed Bug

Bed bugs are probably the least worrisome house pests out there. They don’t transmit diseases like mosquitoes and cockroaches do. They don’t damage structural parts of your home like rats and termites do. They simply hide and suck blood.

But then again, bed bugs are still pests. The mere sight of them may cause discomfort to you and your guests. Their bites may also trigger mild skin irritation.

If you are in Brightwood, Glendale or any nearby district, you can look for a bed bug control company in Indianapolis. Bed bugs spread fast, so you need to take action as soon as you sense that your home is infested. If you are wondering why you have them, the following three reasons may surprise you.

Cluttered Room

Pests are always associated with clutter. Unlike cockroaches and rats, though, bed bugs may hide and thrive from the less dirty kind of clutter. This includes old wallpaper and books. If you live in a previously owned or rented property, the clutter and damages the former dwellers left behind may be the hiding places of bed bugs.

Secondhand Furniture

Previously owned items like furniture may also be the carriers of bed bugs into your home. These pests are known to hide in beds, specifically in mattresses, spring boxes and headboards. However, they can also hide in chairs, especially in the upholstered ones.

Travel Luggage and Clothes

Vacations are fun. Once you go home, though, you might feel a little drained. There is also the possibility of taking home pests: bed bugs.

You might be able to stay in the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. However, it doesn’t mean that you are free from the threat of bed bugs. Your chosen bed bug control company in Indianapolis will tell you that these pests can tolerate both cleanliness and dirt. So whether you chose the cheapest or most expensive accommodation, you still need to be extra careful when you bring in your travel luggage.

To sum it up, bed bugs may not be as bad as the other pests, but they can still cause discomfort. The clutter and damages in your home may be a factor in the infestation. However, if you have a well-maintained home, you might have taken in the pests through secondhand furniture and travel luggage.