A Wrinkle in Time: Wrinkles, What Causes It, and How to Remove It

Aging and WrinklesNobody wants to age because aging brings with it all kinds of complications and unpleasantness. People fall out of their prime with age. Your memory falters. Your face changes. And your skin loses its lustre.

You are not who you were in your teens or twenties. Unless you are some martial arts expert, or a person who really monitors his food intake, you probably will experience signs of aging. One of the most telltale symptoms is easily recognisable: wrinkles.

Wrinkles Galore

Wrinkles are the one of the primary indicators of age. A dentist in Didsbury, for instance, noted that Didsbury East’s population consisted of 24% people at ages 30-44, while Didsbury West’s 30-44 year old residents stood higher at 28%.

What does this mean? Usually at those ages, people start to have visible wrinkles on their skin. Now, you might ask, why do some people who are actually older than you, look younger than you? The answer: they take care of their skin.

What You Should Know

Wrinkles appear due to factors such as smoking, sun exposure, and the unavoidable heredity. However, wrinkles caused by smoking and sun exposure are preventable. For example, if you really have to work in the heat, wear a hat or a cap, and you can stop smoking to decelerate the aging process.

For those who already have wrinkles, there are still some treatments you can undertake to lessen its visibility. You can research online for home remedies, or ask a dermatologist for advice. In addition, some cosmetic dentists in the Didsbury area also offer cosmetic facial improvements, one of which is wrinkle softening.

Wrinkles often live a two-phased life. In the early middle years, people see it as a bane, but in elders, most people see it as a mark of wisdom and maturity. Regardless, wrinkles are unsightly, and to correct such facial anomalies, you can always consult a medical specialist.