Grow Your Business with These Simple Tips

Man pointing to the arrow upwardsThe green revolution is making many people rethink the way they live and work. It has become such a valuable factor in how many people – particularly the younger generation – make decisions so that it affects even the jobs they choose.

To make your company greener – turning it into a more environment-friendly business and perhaps attracting younger talent in the process – here are some changes you can make now.

Use as little paper as possible

The paperless office was once the most popular concept in Silicon Valley, but it just never fully materialised because it is simply impossible to get rid of all uses of real paper. Your office can reduce the use of paper, however, by getting serious about it. For example, instead of continuing to use paper forms, it’s easy enough to replace your forms with digital equivalents. Offices are also scanning and uploading their physical documents for easier manageability and safekeeping in servers instead of rooms.

Encourage the use of bicycles instead of cars

This is particularly effective if your employees are mostly young people. Apart from the exercise it provides, cycling does not contribute to nasty exhaust emissions. You can even do it yourself and lead by example. It may also help if you have cycle shelters by a UK builder like Kensington Systems Ltd.

Use more natural light

It’s common to walk into an office and find all the blinds drawn and the place flooded with artificial lighting. Why not take advantage of sunlight coming in through windows? It’s free, and it helps warm the place too. You may also replace all of your ordinary light bulbs with LED models. They may cost more initially, but they last longer and use a lot less energy.

Use environmentally sound products for cleaning

You cannot work in a filthy office; it’s bad for health and your image. But is your cleaning service using safe, organic products with hardly any effect on the environment? You can ask them to use such products or find another service provider.

Making your company more environment-friendly is a good step in ensuring that your carbon footprint is reduced and you also make it easier for green-conscious talent to choose you.