Planning a Wedding? Look Out for these 5 Budget Killing Mistakes

wedding planMany couples save up for years or even borrow money to get their dream wedding, and even then budgets tend to be tight. Unexpected expenses pop up, things don’t go to plan, and before you know it, you’re in the red. How do you make sure that crushing debt won’t ruin your special day?

Thankfully, many of the mistakes and problems that spouses-to-be run into are quite common, and the wedding community has plenty of advice for those willing to listen.

1. Not getting a wedding planner – “But they’re so expensive!” Yes, they are, but they more than pay for themselves. Ask your married friends and colleagues, and they’ll tell you that an experienced planner is priceless. They can point you towards caterers that won’t make your guests sick, photographers that actually know what they are doing, and in other words, make sure that your wedding goes as planned.

While there are many free online services, like, that will help you easily contact and get multiple quotes from suppliers, you also need a professional guidance when it comes to the best decisions to take.

2. Lacking priorities – We know, you want the best of absolutely everything. But unless you’re prepared to take out a second mortgage to pay for all of it, you need to decide what you must have, and what you can skimp on a little. Do you really need to rent that limousine?

Talk with your significant other and wedding planner to find out what you really want to have at that reception. Would you like to serve a fantastic gourmet dinner? Or would you rather have a really good band to perform for everyone?

3. Forgetting the fine print – If there’s one major source for “surprise” expenses, it’s the fine print. Never sign a contract without reading every single word first, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is especially important when it comes to payment terms and fees for additional services. Don’t let them pressure you, and take your time.

4. Buying last minute – The earlier you book everything, the cheaper it will be. Couples usually get this right with reserving the venue, but forget important things like photography and videography. Unless you want to have limited choices at inflated costs, don’t procrastinate; go out there and choose someone well before the day of the wedding.

5. Little oversights – Seemingly tiny mistakes can add up very quickly. You ordered 100 invitations for your 100 guests, forgetting that you could just send one per family. Or perhaps you quickly bought some gorgeous accessories, and then found out that they do not match your wedding dress at all. Make sure to plan ahead with your purchases.

Your wedding is the one day that belongs entirely to you, but that doesn’t mean you should forget your future. Keep your finances healthy, and you can keep your happiness going long after the wedding is over.