3 Common Uses of Aluminum Pipes

Aluminium PipesAluminium piping gained popularity due to its versatility, ease of installation and significant cost savings. It is lightweight, robust and can withstand a high pressure and temperature. Due to these benefits, consumers prefer it.

Because of the good properties of aluminium, pipes made from this material can have many applications. Suppliers of aluminium pipes design their products based on the requirements of common uses of aluminium pipes. These are:

Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems can be black iron, copper, stainless steel or plastic. The popularity of aluminium piping is because of this kind of system. One factor is it lowers installation costs. This type of cost is defined by the number of hours worked and materials needed during installation.
You will need a lot of time for installation when using steel pipes. For black pipes, it is labour-intensive and comes with corrosion problems. On the other hand, aluminium piping is corrosion resistant, lightweight and resistant to mechanical shocks. Concerning installation, it is easy to set up and requires no intensive labour during modification.

Fire Protection Systems

Aluminium can withstand high temperatures. This property makes it ideal for use in different fire protection systems which are critical during emergencies. Fire protection systems stop fires from destroying properties and reduce the impact of the fires.

Water Systems

Water systems carry high volumes and are relied upon for commercial and domestic uses. Leaks can cause significant interruptions that can result in downtime and loss of revenue.

This type of system operates under different pressure, and aluminium piping is capable of withstanding that. Water systems need to be correctly built. Consequently, high-quality piping and fitting are imperative.

Aluminium piping is one of the most used piping systems due to its wide range of properties. In order make the best of it, it is good to find the best and most trusted supplier for the best package for your project.