An Outdoor Oasis: 3 Swimming Pool Shapes for a Perfect Ambience

Are you inspired to improve your home’s value with landscaping? It’s great for people to become interested about garden dreaming, landscape designing, and planting. For sure, everyone would like to arrive to their houses seeing a view that can take away stress with the smell of flowers and grasses. Landscaping, however, is so much more than just plants and grass; it covers everything outside your home.

If your existing pool is looking a bit tired, why not give it a fresh new look? Size, shape, and style are important when renovating your pool. As industry expert Tim Davies Landscaping puts it: “A carefully considered pool design contributes to the overall atmosphere of a space, provides opportunities for family and friends to relax, play and gather.”

Now that you are ready to choose your options, consider the following designs:

Kidney-shaped poolRoman style

This design has a classic look that starts with a rectangle, and then has semi-circles on both sides. These semi-circles are a great place to add stairs and submerged benches. The Roman style will complement backyard garden areas that have a classical theme.

Free form pool

Let your imagination take the lead. You don’t have to follow the rules of geometry, as free form pools can become whatever you visualize. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want to incorporate fire pits, a pool bar, or a rock waterfall. Even in the middle of the night, a free form pool can stand out.

Kidney shape

This kind of pool is similar to a long oval pool with an indentation on one side. The main appeal of the kidney shape is its lack of sharp corners, which perfectly fits a family lifestyle. You may use light greens to make the water look fresh. With its curve and green tiled floor, this pool is enough to refresh any homeowner’s mind and body.

Enjoy the great outdoors with these cool landscape projects that will help transform your backyard into a personal oasis. Read up on pool designs to come up with a beautiful landscape.