That Annoying Sound: What to Do When Your Brakes Are Squeaking

brake partsDriving during rush hour, sitting in traffic, and dealing with aggressive drivers.

These are some of the problems a car owner face every day. But, what’s worse than noticing a loud, hissing noise while driving in a crowded place? The sound of loud squeaking and whining brakes are beyond frustrating. As you pull up into a mall parking space or to a stop light, these sounds can ruin your day.

Whether you are driving a Jeep, a Chrysler or a Fiat, you should not ignore that high-pitched squeal that goes away when you apply the brakes.

Here’s how to effectively quiet your noisy brakes:

Determine the Cause

While noisy brakes aren’t a dangerous problem, it can be disturbing to you and other people. So, it’s best to seek expert help on fixing those, unless you are calm seeing other drivers cringe every time you pass down the road. The first step you should take is figure out the cause. It can be dirty rims, improper toe-in or worn brake pads.

Inspect the Braking Surface

Another culprit is rust buildup on rotors. To check for this, remove your tire and see if there’s a large rust built up on the rotors. The problem might be something with the caliper or brake pads if the noise happens only when you step on the brake. Always pay close attention to the sounds of your car, whether you are going for a coffee with friends or shopping new clothes.

Change Brake Pads

The noise happens when your brake pads are vibrating, which cause hums and squeals. Perhaps it’s time to try a different brand of brake pads when this happens frequently. The sound is a quick way of letting you know that your brakes are starting to reach its end. Look for a company that offers genuine Mopar parts, so you will be sure of the quality of the product.

Driving challenges do arise from time to time. The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with the right knowledge, so you’ll know how to handle even the most difficult situations.