The Apartment Life: Essentials Your Kitchen Should Have

Kitchen ItemsMost people might think otherwise, but staying in an apartment in the Philippines is actually a practical option. Given how much the economy loses due to traffic congestion alone, it makes much more sense to rent a space near your office rather than spend hours on the road every day.

But living on your own has its fair share of challenges. For one, you have to buy the right equipment for your apartment. While the bedroom is easy enough to fill, the case is different when it comes to the kitchen. If you need help fitting appliances and cabinets in your apartment, check out this guide below on the items you need:

Cooking Items

First of all, you need the right cooking equipment for your kitchen. You would need to buy a rice cooker, a stove (one burner or more), and a microwave oven for your food. Ideally, you should get a refrigerator too, even if it’s just a small, personal one so your food won’t spoil. If you need a dose of caffeine every day, you might need a coffee maker or a kettle.

Stock up on a few pots and pans for when you would prepare different dishes. Get a cutting board and at least one sharp chef’s knife, too.

Dining Ware

Of course, you would need the proper dining ware for your apartment to have an actual kitchen. Buy some plates – a safe bet would be four pieces – that are just enough for you and the occasional visitor/s. Add basic utensils, a spatula, a ladle, a few glasses and mugs, and bowls. Don’t forget to buy a can opener and a strainer.

Cleaning Products

Once you have set up these items, it’s time to buy cleaning products. Now that you live on your own, you need the right cleaning products to keep your kitchen tidy and pest-free. You should have a garbage can complete with garbage bags. Buy a dish rack and a surface cleaner, too.

Although the list might seem long, you don’t need to buy the expensive brands. Be resourceful; for sure, you can have a well-stocked kitchen without spending way too much.