Carpeting vs. Hardwood: Which Is Better?

minimalist living roomThere are all kinds of flooring materials available, and the choice on which to install depends on the homeowner. Many prefer those that are low-maintenance, while others look for materials that bring out the best in their home. During a floor remodel, interior designers ask what homeowners want. This is why it’s best to research what materials to use, so you can give a definite answer. Here’s a short comparison guide to give you an idea:

Why Go for Carpets?

Carpets allow residential spaces to show their identity through colours, designs, and patterns. It offers comfort, especially to those who need or prefer to be barefoot. Carpets reduce noise pollution, especially when there are many people walking around at any given time. When slips and falls occur, carpets can also serve as a cushion. It also acts as an insulator and adds to the warmth during colder seasons.

Carpets are easier to replace. All you have to do is find good prices for quality carpets from local or online stores. Unlike hardwood, you can choose how you’d like to install it. Wall-to-wall carpets cover the entire room, while tiles and rugs cover only a specific area.

Why Go for Hardwood?

Many people say that hardwood symbolises durability and makes anyone feel at home. It comes in different types and finishes, but is limited to the shades of brown, maroon, and dark yellow. It doesn’t have designs, except for the wood’s grain and ring patterns. It’s not difficult to mix hardwood flooring with existing furniture and fixtures. In fact, it can go with any type of room.

Hardwood doesn’t collect dirt and dust, so it’s ideal for those who have allergies or respiratory problems. It’s easier to clean since you only need a broom, mop, or a regular vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust on its surface. Maintenance is also easy, as you only need to sand and refinish damaged parts.

These are only some of the differences between the two materials. Whether you’re planning to buy a carpet or install hardwood, use this guide as a basis to help you make a good choice.