De-stress the Desk: Office Items That Will Kill Stress Right Away

Office Items That Will Kill StressStress seems to be an inevitable part of office life. People have different ways of coping with stress—some take a break and go on holiday, while others get up, stretch for a moment or grab something to eat.

You do not have to see places or even get away from you station just to kill stress, though. The secret is to fill your desk with quirky office accessories. With such items, you can just stay in your seat, pause for a moment, look at your quirky notepads, or colourful mini punching bags and release that emotional tension. Here are some ideas to add to your desk for instant stress relief:

Humorous Notepads

There is nothing more effective against stress than humour. When your boss makes a snide comment about the report you prepared, just look at the Grumpy Cat notepad that says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…. Good” and everything will be good.

Humorous post-its and office stationery, according to are the best items to give to your co-workers if you are looking for cheap gifts. These items will serve as a reminder for colleagues to take it easy, laugh their way out of stress, and spread the positive vibe in the office.

Cute Self-Watering Plants

A growing body of research says that plants in the office are good for the health. More than preventing fatigue and stress, they also reduce physical health problems, like dry throats, headaches, dry skin and coughs. Experts add that those who put plants in the decks are less likely to take sick leaves.

Go creative with your office desk plants by choosing quirky, miniature plants. Browse through the Internet; there are items that feature cute creatures that have mini plants on their backpacks and straws, where water is supplied.

Colourful Cable Huggers

Psychologists say that clutter makes it hard for people to relax, physically and mentally. Moreover, it distracts, affecting concentration on tasks.

The last thing you want to think about when doing perparing a report is to find that iPhone cable you dropped in a sea of wires behind your computer. To avoid this disaster, buy cable huggers that will keep your things organised. There are many colours available for this item; choose blues and greens as these are stress-reducing hues.

Office stress may be inevitable, but you can control how it affects you. Add these desk accessories and kill stress instantly.