Design a Shop that Fits the NZ Lifestyle

a woman in shopKiwis are popular for being outdoorsy and laid back. With all the nature surrounding New Zealand and the beautiful places tourists love to frequent all year, it would be a waste if your business did not incorporate some of that vibe into your shop.

It would not necessarily be bad, but it would be sad for business. Thankfully, you can change that. All you have to do is include these elements in your stores.

Sturdy Shelves

Now, of course, your store is where you sell your products, so you will need shop fittings in your NZ shop. Shelves, preferably timber, will be a great addition. Space them out evenly so that customers can see what you have on offer without feeling overwhelmed.

Options paralysis is your worst enemy when your shop feels crammed to the brim, and no amount of designing will make it look more inviting.

Potted Plants

Just being near plants can already help a customer de-stress, and if these plants are in your store, they will not be too eager to leave. To pay homage to New Zealand, use plants that are native to the region.

You do not have to turn the shop into a garden, of course. Just a pot here and there should do the trick.

Complement them with framed photos of the New Zealand landscape.

Local Artwork

What better way to honour your hometown than by working with local artists? This draws fans of art to your shop, which improves foot traffic. Collaborate with artists for special products, as well.

There are also businesses that put a store within a store, such as a café inside a furniture retailer shop, where you can sell tables and chairs. Even the paintings on the wall could be up for sale.

Going foreign is not always the right answer. Your New Zealand shop may have a higher chance of being successful if you do not turn away from your roots.