Handling DEF the Right Way

Diesel Exhaust FluidDiesel cars are more expensive than gasoline vehicles. Diesels are also closely associated with heavy air pollution since diesel engines spit out hazardous nitrogen oxide fumes. On the other hand, diesels have better fuel economy. They also have more power. Diesels have more torque as well, thus, they can pull heavier loads. Lastly, diesels now use diesel exhaust fluid to cut down on the mentioned hazardous nitrogen oxide.


Reducing Pollution

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an easy-to-use non-hazardous mixture of urea and water. It breaks down nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and water, reducing pollution from diesel cars. DEF has a separate tank and a separate gage on the dashboard.


Refilling Your Tank

You can easily fill the tank up with DEF at truck stops, gas stations, or some select stores. You can either buy DEF by the gallon, refill your tank through a DEF dispenser, or order a large container or drum to store at home. When you do choose to buy DEF in a jug, drum or large container for personal use or for a business, you will need some special DEF equipment from certifieddef.com.


Pumping DEF

DEF can easily be contaminated. Dirty DEF can cause the engine and car systems to fail and break down. Proper handling is required to avoid this from happening. You can use fluid pumps to keep DEF safe during refilling. You can choose between pneumatic and electric fluid pumps. The pneumatic type is for small containers. The electric type is for larger containers.


Checking the Quality

Besides contamination, DEF can decrease in quality when not stored properly. To check the quality of your DEF, you can use portable refractometers. To avoid quality decrease, you can also store DEF away from direct sunlight, in a plastic container, and in a temperature-controlled environment with temperatures between 12 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Even with all of this careful handling, diesel exhaust fluid is the least hazardous fluid in a diesel car. When you spill DEF, you can simply wash it away with water.