Home Preparations 101: Must-Do List Before Fall Gets into Full Swing

Fall is approaching and you should start making the necessary preps for your home. Make sure that all components of the house are ready for the change in weather, and for the requirements of the household. Here are some home preparation tips you should check out after taking your last plunge in the pool this summer.

Prepare the fireplace

A fireplace serves as central heater for the cold fall and winter months. Clean your fireplace and make sure it’s free from old ashes. Open the damper so air will move freely through the chimney while cleaning. Check its handle and springs, and make sure the flue is operating correctly.

You can build or buy an outdoor fireplace if you also want to heat up an outdoor area, such as the patio. You can find high quality fireplaces from DirectBuy in San Antonio. This way, you will have good reasons to enjoy the chilly winds outside.

Check doors and windows

Much of the conditioned air in your home is usually lost through doors and windows. This is not energy efficient. To avoid this, make sure the seal and caulking around your windows are in good condition. Also check if there are missing glasses or any damage that might contribute to the loss of conditioned air. It also helps to add heavy drapery around extra drafty windows.

DirectBuy of San Antonio also offers doors, windows, and other related hardware supplies, if you need new ones. You may also ask their assistance if you need to find a local contractor to handle installations and repairs.

Store outdoor furniture

Clean your outdoor furniture. Power washing is a good way to clean them. Dry them fully before storing in your basement or storage area. Keep them in a clean, dry area to prevent cracking and fading.

If your present indoor furniture still reminds you of the summer, then maybe it’s time to get a new set. Fall inspired furniture pieces are easy to find in home improvement shops, such as San Antonio DirectBuy.

Making your home ready for the coming season will keep you and your family cozy and relaxed in the coming cold days. Do these simple things before those autumn leaves start falling.