Keeping Your CCTV Camera Hidden from Burglars

one way mirrorA closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera allows you to monitor households and commercial establishments. Its presence can be a good deterrent to burglars, but there are instances when intruders are not afraid of them at all. They know what countermeasures to take, like wearing a disguise or covering the lens of the CCTV camera, making your surveillance efforts useless.

The area where you’re going to install the CCTV camera can make a difference, as it could take burglars by surprise. Here are some ideas you can use:

Use a One-Way Mirror and glass coating solution services like explain that one-way mirrors use a layer of reflective materials, like silver. This layer is so thin that the reflection of light is halved – one that reflects and one that passes through the glass. If you hide the CCTV cameras behind these mirrors, the burglars might not expect that there’s anything on the other side. They could even lower their guard, thinking that there’s no security system in your home or establishment.

Use a Camouflage

If your CCTV camera is small, you can fit it inside household or landscape items such as plant boxes, garden gnomes, plush toys, lamps, and furniture. Not all burglars will suspect that there’s something hidden in your garden or at the corners of your hallway. All you need is to install and decorate them accurately, so they won’t doubt that it’s a camouflage.

Use Fake CCTVs to Hide the Real One

Divert the attention of burglars by installing fake CCTV cameras. While these are out in the open, the real CCTVs are hiding in specific areas and recording their every move. Take the do-it-yourself example shared by They transformed a security camera into a lamp and added a signboard to make it realistic.

Make your CCTV cameras useful by not exposing them to burglars. Know how to hide them properly, so you can record unwanted acts in your home or establishment.