Mistakes Homeowners Commit that Make Them Easy Target for Burglars

Burglary occurs every 16 seconds in the United States. This statistical data may be alarming and may even urge you to call different security companies in South Carolina. But before doing so, why don’t you take some practical measures first? One of these measures is knowing how burglars think. That doesn’t mean you have to be one of them to find out their tactics exactly. Thieves base their success on mistakes homeowners usually commit.

Alarms that aren’t on

Many houses have sophisticated and expensive alarm systems. But what purpose will they serve if they aren’t on? Strategic burglars watch neighborhoods and try to find out where residents go or how long they’re likely to be out. Those who intend to be out of their homes for only a few minutes should not feel too assured. Turn your home alarm system even if your destination is just two blocks away from home.

Showing alarm signs

Posting a detailed sign that says you have an alarm system will not scare burglars off. It will only give them an idea that they’re unwelcome and will find ways to disable it. It’s advisable to post a generic sign or not to post anything at all.

Hiding your things in the bedroom

Security agencies in South Carolina agree that instincts dictate burglars to head straight to the bedroom the moment they break into the house. Don’t hide all your important things in one location. Keep them in places where burglars won’t bother to search.

Placing too many plants in front of the windows

It’s advisable to place plants in front of the window to block the inside view of your home. But overdoing it can be bad. Too much vegetation in front of your windows can serve as hiding places for burglars. Don’t depend too much on thorny plants. Skilled intruders wear thick and heavy clothes. They also carry tools to remove common obstructions.

Knowing all these mistakes will help you strategize your own security system. Still, nothing can beat an efficient alarm system. Just be sure it’s up all the time. Visit this link to meet your new security alarm system provider.