The Need to be Mobile-Friendly, as Told by Google

Mobile FriendlyWebsites that are not mobile-friendly are bound to lose business. Or at the very least, yours will rank lower in mobile Google search results.

Warning from Google

The search engine giant recently sent out warnings to webmasters whose websites are not mobile-friendly. The notifications, which were sent out via email and Google Webmaster Tools, warns webmasters and site owners that they will experience issues ranking well for smartphone users if their site is not mobile-friendly.

The notifications included a list of how many pages of a certain site has major mobile usability issues. It also clarified that such pages will be displayed and ranked lower for mobile and smartphone users, because these “will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search.”

Consumers Go Mobile

Success in marketing, be it online or otherwise, depends on your ability to give customers what they want. If your business has an online presence, you need to understand the importance of being there when the customer needs you. Since consumers are relying more on their mobile devices to search for information, it would be wise to follow suit. explains that mobile is becoming more and more important. This means brands and businesses have to adapt to the evolving marketplace. One way to get this done is to keep up with these kinds of updates because these improve your site’s usability, in turn, drives conversions.

Focus on Mobile

Google officially introduced its “mobile-friendly” labels in November 2014. The recent notifications are a sign the search engine giant continues to update its algorithm, particularly the ones related to mobile.

Industry experts say it won’t come as a total shock if Google will add mobile user experience as a factor in their ranking algorithm. Some even suggest Google is preparing to launch a new algorithm that focuses on mobile-unfriendly websites.

Google sees what users see; and if this is a bad mobile experience when visiting your website, it could negatively affect not just your rankings but your marketing, as well.