Refrigerated Containers Are Simply the Coolest

A refrigerated container is one of the most useful means of storage and cooling in various industries. Designed to store products that require temperature control, this container is fitted with its own refrigeration units capable of holding a constant cold temperature. You can learn more about refrigerated containers by understanding its different uses as specified below:

Long-term storage solution for perishable products

Refrigerated containers are insulated and are capable of maintaining a particular temperature at a time. Companies with perishable products use these containers not just for storage for also for transporting or shipping the said products to remote destinations. Dairy products, for example, constantly need refrigeration to keep them from being spoiled. With the use of tilt bed trucks, refrigerated containers carrying the products are transported to any specified location.

For catering and events

Refrigerated containers are also ideal for those in the catering industry. The caterer may choose to customise and fit the interior of the container with shelving or worktables, making the transport of large quantities of food and beverages much easier and with minimal spilling. Customising a refrigerated container for catering events can help not just in maintaining the food’s freshness; it can also help improve the caterers’ kitchen/food preparation.

For storing medical supply

A refrigerated container can help medical professionals and companies save time, money and energy by providing an efficient storage and cooling solution for medicines. Since exposure to heat or moisture can affect the efficacy of medicines, it is important that they be kept in cool temperature. Common medicines that require refrigeration are insulin, influenza, and other illnesses.

How it works

Refrigerated containers are equipped with bottom air delivery units meant to dispense chilled air from the floor through specifically designed vents. This method produces a consistent and even flow of air across the entire cargo. This flow of air is powerful enough to ensure that the goods are chilled and protected from wastage. Many refrigerated containers are flexible to suit the specific needs of the customers. Some container companies even offer sensor and as specially built doors to allow comfortable access to the goods.