Regional Cuisines You Should Definitely Try

Seafood PaellaWhen it comes to fine dining, no cuisine is more copied or integrated than the French ones. You can’t blame them, as the French really know their food. For breakfast, you can either have a crepe or croissant filled with cream and sweet fruits; for lunch, there’s quiche Lorraine or the hearty choucroute garnie; and for dinner, foie gras or confit de canard.

In almost any list that compiles must-have French meals, one will find it hard to say no to each dish. Nevertheless, as epicures, you are obliged to try different fares from different countries of the world to widen your palate.

What other regions offer enticing gastronomic delicacies? Gerard’s Bistro offered a few pointers:

  1. Southern Europe

In the spectrum of flavour, Italian and Spanish cuisines rival the French. From the other half of the Pyrenees Mountains comes the feast of paella, pintxos and gazpacho of Spain. As for Italy, it’s not all pizza and pasta. A traditional tiramisu will explode in your mouth with flavour and it may be considered peasant food in the past, but polenta served sopressa is a breakfast meal made for the gods.

  1. North Africa

The tasteful dish of couscous and protein-rich lamb shanks come from the country of Mauritius and Algeria, nations that soak in the beauty of the Mediterranean. Also in the region is Egypt, which produces their own versions of falafels, kebab and shawarma.

  1. Middle Eastern Cuisine

Even before the dawn of Roman Empire, the cuisine in the region is well defined already, with the combination of hummus and labneh with pitah bread quite common among the populace. There are lamb and mutton dishes that are just scrumptious.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your food comfort zone. In attempting to widen your taste, you might find the cuisine that blend perfectly with your preference.