Stones and Rocks: Tips for Creating a Rocking Garden

creating natural looking garden barriersWhile plants are your number one priority when planning a landscape, rocks should never be out of your list. Use them the right way and rocks will redefine the look of your landscape. They add textural appeal, provide focal points, and lend vertical features to a flat area.

Apart from enhancing your landscape, rocks can be functional by creating natural looking barriers and helping deter the growth of weeds. As rocks come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, you can choose one type or combine different kinds, depending on your requirements. Here are a few types of rocks that can beautify your outdoor space.


Flagstone is a favourite landscaping rock. Its smooth finish gives a shiny and appealing look to your garden. Commonly used for flat surfaces, pathways, and walkways, flagstones make the perfect stepping-stones. A flagstone path is a great addition to your landscape, as it requires minimal maintenance and can fit in most garden layouts.

Lava Rock

Lava rocks come in attractive red and black colours. These rocks are often used in driveways and easements. You can combine them with white marble and green grass to have a colourful garden with interlocking landscape stone. Just make sure to avoid these stones in areas where people walk barefoot.


Boulders are large stones commonly found in fields and quarries. These stones are available in a variety of sizes and are measured and sold by ton. Use larger boulders to make a significant landscape statement, and smaller ones to create accent pieces and borders in waterways. Ask a reliable landscape designer to help you use boulders the right way.


Marble has a high absorbing capacity and it comes in attractive colours. You can use these stones to make a sitting area or a pathway through different parts of your garden. Marble is also perfect for creating a flight of several steps in the centre of your garden.


These stones are another favourite among landscape enthusiasts. Small pebbles are excellent for an outdoor aquarium or small pond. Medium-sized stones, on the other hand, are great for bordering your pond or fountain. You can use large pebbles to line the entire garden or any pathway.

With the many landscaping rocks you can choose from, create a rocking garden. Use your creativity to come up with a unique landscape idea using rocks and stones. Getting help from professional landscapers is helpful to beautify your pathways, driveway, or your entire garden.