Surprisingly Easy Ways to Go Organic at Home

These days, choosing organic isn’t just a fad – it is a lifestyle that many people are starting to take very seriously. There are common, all-natural things like organic vitamins and food from restaurants using purely natural ingredients. Most recently, the organic trend is also present in odd innovations and common household items. For example, some restaurants are now using disposable plates made of corn. Here are some simple ways to integrate organic products into your lifestyle:

Chew Toys

Pet owners have the option of using rawhide dog bones and chew toys for their little companions. These toys are not new – rawhide toys have been available for years. They are cost effective and safe, and can last months before birds or other small animals can completely destroy them. As opposed to plastic and rubber toys, raw hides are made of animal skin and are safer for most animals. The material is great for most pets, except herbivores such as rabbits.


Previously, textile companies cut costs by using synthetic materials. Though profitable, many consumers found themselves allergic to artificial fabrics. There are now cloths made of purely natural materials, safe for people with allergies. A lot of pillows and bed linens use pure wool, while burlap is a renewable resource often used for bags, clothing, and shoes.


A lot of glues and pastes are toxic, and can cause harm to children and pets. Organic options are just as effective and relatively safer compared to other glues. Touch-N-Bond, for example, is a waterproof fabric glue. It is a quick and effective alternative to time consuming and difficult sewing tasks. Many homeowners use organic fabric adhesives to repair clothes, upholstery, and other fabric-based household items, as well as for arts and crafts.

Body Care

There are many organic lotions, soaps, and shampoos available in the market nowadays. These all-natural products are hypoallergenic, safe for children and adults with sensitive skin. They are usually made of oatmeal, milk, baking soda, and flowers such as lavender. There are also organic soaps for pets that have sensitive skin or fur.

Health Supplements

A lot of health supplements are made of organic ingredients. People choose these products because they are safe and all-natural. An example is Liver Guard, a food supplement made from artichoke and sarsaparilla root, designed to improve liver health.

Using natural products is a wise choice in today’s market where most products are full of toxic chemicals. You can go online to research organic options for everyday household items.