The Battle for Medicine: Herbal Versus Chemical

Herbal versus medicinePrescription drugs have been the de facto source of health and medication, which the modern era has depended on for its wellbeing. This is in stark contrast to the thousands of years prior wherein humanity put their trust in the use of herbs and plants for treatment and healing. What happened between then and now that caused such a sharp difference? Three words – The Black Death.

The Need for Change

The plague caused a massive shift in how doctors practiced medicine, and the success of penicillin put chemistry in the top spot of healthcare ever since. This however doesn’t mean that prescription drugs are more effective in treating ailments, and that they’re the next step in the development of medicine. In fact, they only prove that people are bad at learning lessons, and identifying the reason for past failures.

Early doctors weren’t able to cope with the effects of The Black Death not simply because they didn’t have the right medicine, but because they were too focused on just one way of treatment. The plague was obviously too aggressive for herbal treatments to cope with, and equally forceful treatment was needed. But invasive treatments aren’t the answer to everything.

The Need for Another Change

These days, we’re seeing the effects of using prescription drugs for everything. Over dependence on chemical treatments cause complications, as well as exacerbate otherwise benign conditions into terminal illnesses. Doctors are inadvertently repeating the mistakes of their forebears by focusing solely on one area of treatment instead of considering all of the options.

The good news is that herbal medicine is making a comeback, through the success of retailer, such as Herbal Powers that deal exclusively in such products. More and more people are choosing less aggressive alternative treatment for conditions that don’t need forceful solutions. Plants have done a good job in the years before chemical medicine rose to prominence, and there’s no reason to think that they’d be any less effective today.

Again, there are no absolutes in medicine, and people shouldn’t make the mistake that one form of treatment is better than another a hundred percent of the time. Talking to doctors is still the best way of finding the right treatment, internet information is fine, but nothing compares to the insight of a medical professional.