The Benefits You Can Get from a Kitset Home

little wooden houseCelebrating a holiday back home with the Southern Alps as your backdrop is glorious. Or maybe a second home that is a few miles drive from the stunning Bay of Islands would make summers even more delightful. What if that home is a designer kitset home in NZ? The following reasons are what make a kitset home the perfect vacation home:

Easy to build

Designer kitset homes are made of solid timber or mostly solid timber. Traditional homes use building materials like steel frames and conventional timber; materials that require separate sources and unique logistics. So it is easier to build kitsets as only timber is used.

Gives you flexibility

Kitset or timber home companies provide you options on how to build your home. They could give you all the work or just part of it. This gives you some advantage on how to save money on the use of labour. This flexibility to choose how to build your home, including the finish, is empowering, making you more involved in its construction.

Less waste

All of the materials and structural parts of a kitset home are pre-manufactured. Hence, no waste is produced during the construction. There will also be no problem with ordering materials, having them measured, and then fabricated.


A kitset home is easy to build. It is also cheap to build. On material and labour costs, the savings are significant. You will even save more if you can do more of the work. Typically, you can save as much as a fifth of the cost of building a conventional home.

Most kitset homes are built as holiday homes. They are a practical option since they are easy to build and cheap to finance. Made of timber, kitsets are perfect for all climates and environments, whether it be alpine, forest or coastal. Its facade fits in the natural environment in both design and look.