The Power of The Stone: Gem Therapy

different types of stonesWhen medical science fails or proves too boring, people look for alternative ways to heal or spiritually enrich themselves. Some people find solace in spiritualism, others do yoga, while some people turn to decidedly more exotic methods, like gem therapy.

According to several sources, gem therapy is a form of aesthetic treatment that uses the power of natural elements to heal illness, much like herbal medicine. Experts disagree as to who started using gem therapy first, with answers ranging from the Ancient Greeks to the Hindus.

Medical science doesn’t take its methodology and subsequent results seriously, but personal anecdotes of people who’ve tried gem therapy are enough for some people to buy loose diamonds for themselves.


Diamonds are considered the most beautiful gems in the world because of their purity and rarity. This is why many gemologists attribute a higher degree of power to diamonds. Those who wear diamonds are said to have generous thoughts and dispel all fear, making wearers more attractive, confident, and charming. On the physical side of the benefits chart, diamonds help fight diabetes, urine and skin problems.

But, diamond wearers should know that only unblemished diamonds can supposedly produce these effects. No fakes allowed.


The quality of the gemstone is a huge contributing factor to the successful effects of gem therapy. Medical doctors rely heavily on their instruments and tools to perform surgeries and diagnose a patient’s condition, the same goes for gem therapy. Meeting the desired requirements can make or break the therapeutic worth of any gemstone whether they are loose diamonds or jade.


Further research into gem therapy effects revealed that a gemstone’s shape profoundly affected the way it delivers energy into the body. Cutting a gemstone into a sphere increases its ability to reach the deepest wells of a person’s being because it replicates the body’s natural aural shape.

Gemstones radiate energy outward from its shape, and with the sphere, the energy can reach every part of the body, leaving no areas behind. The combination of quality gemstones and its cut represent a fundamental shift in the understanding of gem therapy.

It’s a central trait for humans to be curious. Closing the mind to alternative solutions for difficult problems serves no purpose. Explore the world and decide for yourself what works to the things that ail you.