The Sweet Aroma of Nostalgia

Decorated CupcakesEven the simplest baking recipe conjures images of bowls, wooden spoons, handwritten recipes, and kitchen canisters of sugar, tea, and coffee. The warmth of happiness hangs in the air, waiting for the oven to go “bing!”

A Heavenly Experience

There’s almost nothing better than walking into a kitchen of decorated brownies, pie, or cupcake. The warmth and scent of cinnamon and vanilla instantly makes any house a home, bringing back childhood memories of batter mixing, after which you eat off the extra sweet cream.

Baking involves muscles, logic, and senses, as you see, smell, touch, hear, and taste everything that’s going on in your lovely kitchen. It also involves all sorts of muscles in your core, fingers, wrists, arms and legs. Baking also requires thought, discriminating eye for detail, and decisive action that requires focus. In effect, this involvement with an entirely pleasing matter squeezes the stress out of life’s drudgeries, effectively making you feel like a kid in your mother’s kitchen all over again.

Bonding and Togetherness

After all the working and waiting, you get to finally enjoy your creation. What comes after elevates the cause for all your toils, as you watch a loved one taste and love it.

A cake baked to one’s exact liking shows how much you care. It comforts, it nourishes, and it delights. Baking brings people – most often family — together. It’s a rewarding activity to share with loved ones, all while exchanging updates of your lives. It’s also rewarding to pass along both your creations and your handwritten recipes to young people – see your children’s and grandchildren’s eyes pop after learning new things. Hear them talk about your own signature cakes and witness their attempts to copy your acclaimed creations, while trying to perfect recipes of their own. This is exactly why people open heartfelt bakeries like The Raspberry Butterfly.

A Kind of Healing

The best part about baking is as long as you’re willing to learn, you can do it. Start by taking a simple box of mix off a store shelf. It should be pretty simple, as all you’re usually instructed to do is just add oil and eggs. Once you feel ready, then you can proceed to trying out more challenging recipes, and eventually infuse your personality by designing cupcakes before moving on to more difficult pastries. The best thing about baking is that when you enjoy more, you learn more. Remember that the kitchen is not simply studied – it is experienced. Indulge by exploring different ingredients.