Transforming Pocket Folders from Simple Office Supplies to Versatile Marketing Materials

Pocket folders are commonly seen in offices and schools. They work as convenient holder of paper documents or any printed information. In the business setting, they’re commonly useful when attending a meeting or conference, or when meeting with clients. While this type of folder is very useful in itself, there are other smart ways to maximize their use. With custom printing, you can make these folders much more useful and interesting, and use them for marketing purposes.

Folders as Marketing Materials

A pocket folder might seem a simple office or school supply, but it can also be an efficient way to market a brand. Many businesses see the potential of custom pocket folders as marketing tools. They print their company’s name, logo, contact information, and location on the folder, increasing their chances of brand promotion.

Distributing the folders will make users aware of your brand or business. This is why it makes perfect sense to come up with well-designed and functional folders. As marketing tools, the folders should create a positive impression of your business. Knowing this, printing custom folders should not only focus on catching attention, but on establishing a positive perception of your brand. It should be made from durable material and has good design.

Printed folders are useful when promoting new products. With their pockets, they make great sample kits. You can place a sample of your new product inside and distribute them to the public. It can also hold other marketing paraphernalia like brochures, flyers, business cards, or other similar materials.

The good news is you will find different printers offering custom folder printing. Most printers will give you a variety of choices when it comes to the panel and fold features of the folders. Others even offer other valuable and stylish features such as windows and slits.

Many printing companies make it easier for clients to choose a folder style through their custom folder templates. These ready to use templates comes in a variety of style, colors, and designs to suit the marketing or branding goals of their client. Through these templates, you can also get ideas in case you want to do the designing and printing on your own.