Types of Pontoon Boat Covers

a boat coverA pontoon boat is among the best options for serious boaters. It has enough room for fishing equipment, your catch, and onboard parties. However, these boats do not come cheap, and their protection from harsh weather elements is paramount for their durability.

Pontoon boat tarps are a necessity. You must consider various factors when choosing your boat cover. Its fit is among the vital elements that differentiate a simple tarp from an efficient boat cover. Here are the categories of pontoon boat covers.

Universal Covers

These are “one-size-fits-all” boat covers. Universal covers have a generous fit, which enables them to remain generic and fit all models of both outboard and stern-drive boats. They tend to be baggy, making them perfect for covering your boat.

Semi-custom Covers

These covers are designed for particular hull designs and fit more tightly compared to universal covers when adequately secured. Semi-custom covers are used to cover pontoon boats when trailering or storing them. They come in different materials and have price differences based on the hull designs they are intended for.

Customized Covers

These are tailored for specific boats and provide a customized and tight fit. They are efficiently patterned to fit the cleat locations, windshield, seats, motor, and other accessories of different pontoon boat models. Customized covers have no excess material, so installing them over your boat might be difficult. Nonetheless, they offer maximum protection.

Your choice among the given covers primarily depends on your boat’s storage. If for instance, you store it next to the shores, then a universal cover might be enough since you won’t trailer it. On the other hand, if you need to store it further ashore, customized covers are the best options.