Whipped Cream Dispensers: Have More Fun Baking

whipped creamWhipped cream or N2O dispensers are handy tools in the kitchen. They can reduce the amount of time you spend decorating your baked goodies. You can make two to six times more whipped cream with a high quality nitrous oxide dispenser than a whisk. Buying a dispenser, however, can be confusing, especially when it’s your first time to use one.

Here are some tips on buying N2O or whipped cream dispensers.


Dispensers come in different sizes. The major sizes for a whipped cream dispenser are 1-pint, half-pint, and 1-quart. Be careful when choosing a size for your dispenser. The size doesn’t always mean the amount of whipped cream a dispenser produces.  For instance, a 1-quart dispenser can create about 4 cups of cream. When you only need a cup of whipping cream, think about getting a half-pint dispenser.


One of the few things you have to think about when looking for a whipped cream or N2O dispenser is its material. Some manufacturers use aluminum, suede, and stainless steel. You’ll also find some with plastic heads. For professional bakers, think about getting a stainless steel dispenser, as they are more durable than other materials.


Depending on the size, brand, and material used, you’ll find dispensers between $25 and $70. There are also those that come with a few bottles of whipped cream chargers.

Whipped Cream Chargers

A charger is a steel cartridge or cylinder filled with nitrous oxide, the whipping agent of a dispenser. When you put the charger inside the dispenser, the pin inside the dispenser breaks the covering, which releases the N2O. For a half-pint dispenser, you only need one charger to make a cup of whipping cream. For a 1-quart dispenser, you need two or three nitrous oxide chargers for four cups of whipped cream. To make two cups of cream with a 1-pint dispenser, you’re only going to use one nitrous oxide charger.

Some manufacturers offer chargers in boxes of twelve and twenty-four. Depending on the brand, you can get chargers for less than $20. To avoid running out of chargers and enjoy discounts, think about buying in bulk.

Have more fun creating delicious desserts with whipped cream dispensers. Choose one that suits your baking needs and impress everyone with your desserts.