2015 Is Time for Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom RenovationYour bathroom is your sanctuary, your time-out space when everything else in your house seems all in disarray. It’s where you take a cold shower after a long day at work. It’s where you go when you need to unload and relieve yourself from discomfort.

Your bathroom should be a quiet space for your personal time. If you do not find comfort in this special part of your room, Bathroom International says maybe renovation can help. After all, it’s boring if your toilet is out dated. Here are the bathroom renovation trends for 2015 that you can apply in your home:

Freestanding Bathtubs

Nothing is more luxurious and rewarding than a long, hot bubble bath after a stressful work day. Imagine spending half an hour of rest and relaxation in a freestanding bathtub with the latest striking design features. You can also go for that old, classy look with a tub with ball and claw feet.

Bigger Shower Space

Space saving may be a trend last year, but it’s different when it comes to your shower space. If you’re not into bathtubs or if you do not have enough space for one, perhaps you should renovate and widen your shower space. Those walk-in showers with solid walls are more popular today than the tiny cubicles from decades ago.

Advanced Water Control

Now that you’ve adjusted to your shower space, why not explore the more sophisticated water control options in the market today? Professionals offering bathroom renovations in Perth, Sydney, and other cities in Australia can install smart, user-friendly bathroom fixtures for your home. Think about thermostatic mixers and touchscreen-operated showers. Think of multiple jets of cold water hitting your tired body. Consider bidets, water-wise, and even waterless toilets. You can enjoy your toilet time while also helping conserve water through these advanced water control features.

Remember that you need expert advice for these Perth bathroom renovation options. Discuss your preferences with your trusted plumber, builder, and waterproofing contractor. Your electrician and painter can also help with your bathroom renovation project.