3 Garage Door Maintenance Techniques

Garage Door Maintenance in AucklandGarage doors can’t function properly if not properly maintained. Households should take each maintenance practice seriously to avoid frequent costly repairs. If malfunction takes place, then installing or repairing them can be quite costly. To avoid this kind of additional home expense, maintaining the garage door should be among your priorities. Here’s how you can do it:

Install Weather Seals

Weather seals are important in saving energy, as they make sure that moisture doesn’t get inside, especially during inclement weather. Prestigedoors.co.nz recommends hiring experts if you don’t know how to install or even have an idea if your garage door already has it. These experts usually advise homeowners to apply seals on garage doorframes, door panels and at the bottom part of the garage door.

Clean Garage Door Track

When the garage door becomes sticky or noisy, lubricants may not be the answer. These can sometimes cause particulate matter to form and harden on the garage door track, causing operational problems. Instead of lubricating, use a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust from the track. If the residue is too sticky to remove with water, use other cleaning materials.

Reset Garage Door Opener

If the garage door closes briefly before it opens automatically, the door opener might need to be reset. Although resetting a garage door system requires following specific instructions, shutting off the power and changing the code can do the trick. Unplug the door opener and turn the power on after 10 seconds.

Proper maintenance ensures that your garage door will operate and cooperate with your needs for many years without the costly repairs and replacements. Follow the suggestions above to save more money and avoid one of the most common homeowner headaches.