3 Reasons Your First Car Should Be Pre-Owned

Used CarYou’ve saved up for months (even years!) and you finally have the funds to buy a car. As there are so many kinds available on the market, you will have plenty of options regardless of your budget. You can narrow down the search significantly by deciding whether you want to buy a new car or a pre-owned one.

There are many reasons to check out a shop or an auction house selling used cars for sale Australia residents often visit. First-time car owners such as yourself might find that second hand vehicles are more for you. Here are some reasons why your first car should be pre-owned:

Better Car for Your Budget

Your modest budget can help you afford a really good car model if you choose to buy a used car. You don’t have to limit yourself to economical options that might not look as cool as you had hoped. You can even find a car model that suits your lifestyle and personality—all thanks to the depreciation of car prices!

New Cars Depreciate in Value

Whether your car is new or old, it loses money the moment you drive off the dealership’s lot. New cars depreciate even faster, and there’s always a newer model out every few months. To cut your losses, especially if you plan on upgrading every couple of years, used cars are the way to go.

You Don’t Want Long Payment Plans

Chances are, you’re going to need a loan to help you pay for a new car. Depending on your payment plan, your car’s warranty might lapse even before you paid it off! When that time comes, you’re going to be paying for repairs out of pocket for a car you don’t 100% own yet.

A used car may need repairs and maintenance from time to time, but at least you’re no longer paying off a debt for it. If you want to be practical and realistic about finances, and just need a car to get around, used cars are a viable option.