3 Simple Ways to Throw a Surprise Party without Ruining the Surprise

surprise partySurprise parties are pretty tricky and notorious for having many little problems along the way. Throwing a successful one takes a lot of skill, stealth, and luck. You also need to make sure the person you are planning to surprise does not have a clue about the party until they hear “Surprise!”

Fortunately, with a little planning, a few white lies, and these tips, you will succeed at really keeping it a secret:

Keep It Shut

Do not talk about the surprise party. The best thing you can do is to designate just one accomplice to help you with the planning. Make sure this person can keep a secret (and a straight face).

Ask the party guests to keep the secret as well. It may be extremely difficult, but it is not impossible. Try keeping the guest list to close friends only and make sure these are people who would never blurt it out. For the friends who are like loose cannons, wait until the day before to send them an invitation.

Choose the Location Carefully

Obviously, you cannot throw a successful surprise party if you do it in a shared home or in the celebrant’s home. If you also start walking to a mutual friend’s house, they will know something is up—so choose the location carefully. Celebrate in a bar or restaurant that doubles as a function venue instead.

Make Sure the Guests Come Early

If the guest of honour will arrive at 7:00 and you think telling the others to come at 6:30 sharp is a good idea, think again. Play it safe and ask them to come an hour before, at the very least. This way, all the guests will actually arrive on time to yell “Surprise.” This will also avoid awkward moments and unconvincing explanations.

Throwing a surprise party can be challenging, but seeing the expression on the celebrant’s face is well worth the effort, time, and extra trouble.